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Medical Textiles

We show about medical related special finishing uniforms

Medical Textiles

Medical textiles are manufactured a goods which includes textile stuff used in hygiene, healthiness and private care as well as surgical end use. The Medical textiles products are obtainable in woven, knitted and non-woven structure based on the area of application

Increasingly, synthetic fibre is being utilized in the manufacturing of these products.

Medical textiles are classify as under:

General Uniforms
Surgical Uniforms
Health Care Uniforms

General Uniforms

Doctor Coat Full Sleeve
Doctor Coat Half Sleeve
Nurse Dress Male
Nurse Dress Female
Scrub Suit
Patient Uniforms

Surgical Uniforms

Surgical Uniforms
Doctor OT Gown
Doctor OT Mask
Surgical Aprons
Surgical Drape Sheet

Health Care Uniforms

Doctor Uniforms
Nurse Uniforms
Ambulance Pilot Uniforms
Bed sheets

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